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Rachel Fenuga portrate

Hi there, I am Rachel, founder of Musical Aspirations, Hands on Learning Music Clubs and Workshops which provides and promotes positive play singing games for children from the age of 4-11 years.

I have a strong desire to encourage, educate and inspire children to be creative and expressive in singing and movement, to give them an opportunity to explore their gifts and talents, and help develop and build their overall confidence and self esteem.

By providing music teaching through singing games and activities, children have increased confidence, develop skills in imaginative role-playing, co-ordination, decision making, and fine and gross motor skills. They are taught in a group setting how to co-operate with others and develop much needed social interaction skills such as turn-taking.

I believe that by giving children an opportunity early on in their lives to explore, and experience music it will encourage them to aspire to further cultivate any natural music talent they may have and in doing so it will potentially open up wider possibilities for their future careers and vocations. I am so grateful that I had a basic grounding in music as a child and was given the opportunity to explore it because I was able to come back to something I passionately enjoy later in life and am now making a career out of it. There really is nothing better than finding out what you are good at and being able to do it for a living! Ultimately I would like to think that by providing the singing workshops and clubs that children will blossom, grow and learn to thrive in the development of who they are.

I am a Christian worship vocalist, songwriter and keyboardist. I was taught music at school and played clarinet in the High School band. Over many years I have gained experience singing in churches in worship team settings. After a very varied media production career, I decided to return to my passion for music and have spent several years singing, writing worship songs and playing the keyboard.  Contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information.